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You Gotta Love The Confidence!

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The buoyant brand Sartoro is delighted to launch a grand Collection of high jewelry set-pieces.

Here’s the first set of wonder-pieces which are featured in our cover photo. The magnificent ARIANA Collection is fusing diamond pave lines with oval, pear and emerald cuts like music notes on a score.

T A L A R be_a_starlette

Now every woman can aspire to such luxurious heights with the Ariana Collection by Sartoro. Feather-light halos of brilliance wrapping around the neck, wrist, and fingers for the ultimate luxury look. Some would agree, others probably concede to minimalism.

T A L A R be_a_starlette

Then, we head to GAIA Bloom Collection

Two rows of hand-selected pear-shaped diamonds, as Carole would say… and a flawless dropped diamond, reciting a new direction of opulence through creative design.

T A L A R be_a_starlette

With just the right amount of appeal, class, and complexity, on-trend and a rather high-end trend, this Collection seems to have an extra pull with the choker necklace, earrings and ring options, emitting the perfect finishing touch to your feathering heights. Holding the teacup is “a must” here; we should add, to the concurrence of our photographer.

T A L A R be_a_starlette

Then comes the confidence bit. One thing is for sure, you SHALL go to the ball, and be the belle of it too, with all eyes drawn to your confidence and the marvelous artistry you’re wearing. Unveiling the SERA Collection, timeless era statement long pendant and earring with the majestic marquise cut. How can you go wrong? Feather-light clusters of bright white marquise and brilliant cut diamonds adorn 18K white gold for a heavenly pose.

T A L A R be_a_starlette

This is why we titled the article “You Gotta Love The Confidence”.

The SERA Collection, on the other hand, is synonymous with style bliss at no expense, added with exceptional sparkle alluringly drawn by each complimenting Emerald cut diamond.

T A L A R be_a_starlette

Gently chasing the aromas of the feminine silhouette, this spring-full collection by Sartoro is at times delicate, yet makes an audacious statement with the innovative design of each and every piece.

Celebrate yourself with the spring summer collections by Sartoro.

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