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An April bloom for the La Bohème Collection

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Maison Artinian is dressed in the gorgeous; Velutina & Juncea moods of the adorable Tillandsia plant and the just landed – just launched. Refreshing, soothing and energizing, the new décor is a match for celebrating the enduring friendship which gave rise to the La Bohème Collection, and the unique and dazzling bohemian creations have received a jaded extension to their jazzy moves.

The innovative design collaboration between Artinian Fine Jewelry and artist Elizabeth Romhild exemplifies Lyrical Luxury, designed around piano lines, expressed and handcrafted with diamonds and gold, embodying a songful charm, highlighting the playfulness of fine jewelry. Featured above: a Maison Artinian La Bohème Collection 18K white gold showpiece ring, whimsical Onyx keys set in elevated, high polish gold, finest diamond micropavé gracefully mused to accentuate the look of this one-of-a-kind creation. Price: THB 181,000

A minimal everyday luxury La Bohème Collection ring, made in 18K white gold with lively piano hand, buoyantly seducing the custom cut Onyx notes set in high polish white gold, virtuously handcrafted to accentuate the euphoria of carefree music notes. Price: THB 99,000

An outstanding 18K white gold pendant of the La Bohème Collection, featuring jovial Onyx keys set in raised, high polish gold, intricately adorning pendant chain, diamond micropavé piano hands performing a melodic sonata. Price: THB 135,000

Conclusively, a La Bohème Collection bangle made in 18K white gold and diamonds, with lively adorning artist’s hands, reveling in the sentimental notes of a love ballad. Price: THB 198,000