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RO JA RED | Managing Maison Artinian

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Making the right recommendations is what inspires Rojared at Maison Artinian.

The meticulous boutique manager does have her favorite pieces, yet, she goes beyond expectations to conjure what the customer wants, and comes up with the right recommendations.

With years of experience as a certified jewelry professional, Rojared enjoys reviewing and trying-on jewelry with her customers and considers it fun, and most of the times the customer surprisingly finds what she really wants and buys it. She adds; “I love working attentively with customers, and it’s interesting how different customers like different aspects of one specific piece of jewelry. This enables me to understand the customer and build a good relationship by knowing her style”.

“I only recommend things which I have a good feeling about at that moment,” she says, like the colored gemstone jewelry with sapphire colors, tourmaline, topaz, south sea pearls and pink corals. Her philosophy is that jewelry should be timeless no matter how simple or elaborate the design is, concluding with her belief that; “Every piece is personal and is like a Collector’s Items for the buyer, there’s a personal connection made when my customer buys the jewelry piece she prefers”.

Maison Artinian 

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
Ground Floor, Author’s Wing Building, Unit H
48 Soi Charoenkrung 40, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel. +66 2 630 5757