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Saro Artinian | One Master, Four Masterpieces

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Saro Artinian is the creative, design and development director of Maison Artinian, and heads ARTINIAN company’s innovation strategy. Had he not ended up as the sane (or contrary) jeweler which he is, he would have probably become an architect with a distinct fetish to geometric surfaces, sculptural structures, and of course avant-garde concepts that are ahead of him and his time. Saro was apparently constantly reminded during his childhood years; by his grandma, not to “stretch his toes beyond the bedsheets”, but then you know what he did in return. Well, you can guess.

Artinian Jewelry ASR621WGBS-35.97-2s

A resident of Thailand for the past 20 years, Saro started his career as an aspiring architect and an étudiant en beaux-arts, however, the family codes and obligations kept calling him back to the jewelry bench, to his seeming role as a second generation jeweler and designer. For most of his accolades, he is self-taught and owes his successes to the ingenious ideas and techniques which make the essence of his daily professional practice.

Artinian Jewelry ASR621WGBS-35.97-2s

Saro Artinian’s style is straightforward and rebellious. Designwise, he likes to defy his challenges and experiment with new shapes, silhouettes, facets, colors, and “end looks”, as he is constantly in a search for the new.

Artinian Jewelry ASR621WGBS-35.97-2s

Featured in this article are four, one-of-a-kind high-end fine jewelry rings created by Saro Artinian, using exceptional center Emerald and Sapphire gemstones.

Artinian Jewelry ASR621WGBS-35.97-2s

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