About Maison Artinian

About Maison Artinian

The Story of Carats and Canvas

Maison Artinian is a Fine Jewelry & Art boutique nested within the comfort and opulence of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Founder Arto Artinian sees Maison Artinian as a lifestyle, jewelry and art boutique, offering a luxurious product assortment to his valued clientele in Bangkok. Showcasing precious jewelry creations by ARTINIAN and art by Elizabeth Romhild, Maison Artinian touches senses with beautiful designs, offers intrigue, sophistication and tradition, on par with the metro-cultural trends for high-end lifestyles in Bangkok.

Maison Artinian Carats and Canvas

A boutique space where creative minds muse with facets and colors, that of a jeweler and that of an artist. Featuring Interiors of subtlety and coziness, Maison Artinian emanates a cohesive Mandarin philosophy of bespoke luxury, filled with enticing choices for all personal occasions.

Maison Artinian Boutique 

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
Ground Floor, Author’s Wing Building, Unit H
48 Soi Charoenkrung 40, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel. +66 2 630 5757