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The Piano Collection Topped With Cherries

Maison Artinian is showcasing Elizabeth Romhild’s Piano Collection this September. Presenting with an elegant composition of fanciful monochrome arrangements for homebound luxury. The designs are bespoke by the forever romantic artist, highlighting an emphasis for domestic affluence, in this case at its finest, whether considered as a gift or a personal collectible for the one-off […]

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Joie de Vivre by Elizabeth Romhild

Add your Like and support Elizabeth Romhild and her beautifully created charitable Christmas Tree on Instagram & Facebook Presented By: Maison Berger Thailand Designed By: Elizabeth Romhild Joie de Vivre is a French phrase meaning Joy of Living, most often used to express happiness, cheerfulness and the enjoyment of life. Hence through enjoyment and positivity comes the inspiration […]

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The Euphoric Art of Elizabeth Romhild

Bangkok’s art scene has never been more vibrant and central to the contemporary lifestyles of the city’s urbanite society, as increasingly more Bangkokians are appreciating today, the affluence of both of fine arts and artists. In turn, many established or aspiring artists are swaying art audiences with their fascinating works of art; oil paintings, sculptures, fine […]

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