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Maison Artinian Dressed In Love

February 13, 2019
Maison Artinian Valentines Collection

The art and jewelry boutique Maison Artinian, located at the Author’s Lounge of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok gets a dress makeover pulling its curtain to a LOVE themed vitrine and showcase. The displayed collection is selected, especially for Valentine’s Season and consists of unique #GiftItems symbolizing the noble sentiment and girls’ favorite time of the year. Inspiring simple solitaire celebration pendants, single stone stud earrings, and rings are…


#JanuaryPicks | Maison Artinian’s Fresh Styles

January 9, 2019
Maison Artinian January Picks

Selected with a sweetened January guilt, these Maison Artinian colorful fine jewelry choices will stir your loved ones’ post-holiday expectations. After all, receiving genuinely intended gifts will spur the year with positivity and flattery together with the Maison Artinian jewelry boxes will get you everywhere. Who said gifts are on for only December? January is a great time to shop as Maison Artinian offers special discounts for one-off…


The Euphoric Art of Elizabeth Romhild

October 30, 2018
Maison Artinian Elizabeth Romhild

Bangkok’s art scene has never been more vibrant and central to the contemporary lifestyles of the city’s urbanite society, as increasingly more Bangkokians are appreciating today, the affluence of both of fine arts and artists. In turn, many established or aspiring artists are swaying art audiences with their fascinating works of art; oil paintings, sculptures, fine print photography and canvasses, decorating home interiors with their sublime and delectable artworks.…


Discreet Hedonism & Personal Cravings

June 30, 2018
Maison Artinian Discreet Hedonism (

Impressions of beauty, the Maison Artinian lifestyle photoshoot is about living in a time of discreet hedonism, personal cravings, recreated lifestyle concepts, colors, shapes, fabrics, styles, materials even human interaction modes… in search for the new inspirations in life, in general for inner comfort. Ideas which sets us and our lives to a more refreshed and reinvigorated energy levels. Featuring Elizabeth Romhild porcelain and Maison Artinian unique one-off…


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