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You Gotta Love The Confidence!

March 7, 2019
Sartoro 2019 Summer Collection

Mind you, at Maison Artinian, we believe confidence also exists outside the earth’s atmosphere too. So much for astronomy. The buoyant brand Sartoro is delighted to be launching a few statement collections this month. Here’s the first set of wonder-pieces which we featured in our cover too. The magnificent ARIANA Collection is fusing diamond pave lines with oval, pear and emerald cuts like music notes on a score.…


Festive Styles & Jewelry Ideas

December 17, 2018
Maison Artinian SERA Collection

Khun Aey, a dear friend of Maison Artinian, visited our boutique yesterday to try on some new jewelry items, also to see if she can find a special jewelry piece which will compliment her upcoming event’s dress. Together, we reviewed many unique pieces and chatted…, her preferences this time were rather simplistic and she thought this year’s Christmas style should be minimal yet with elegant style statements. Therefore,…


Essentially Unique & Authentically Sartoro

December 10, 2018
Maison Artinian GAIA Bloom

Classic and immensely beautiful, poised with an inspiration to all she meets. The woman wearing the #GaiaBloom Collection by Sartoro is innately pro-love, independent, elegant and self-assured. Each contemporary piece draws inspiration from clean, classic design lines with discretely set dazzling white diamonds. Bold yet subtle styles embody the #GaiaBloom femininity, with more than a hint of a bygone era of glamour in each creation which is set…


Sartoro Fauna Collection at Maison Artinian

November 6, 2018
Maison Artinian Jewelry Fauna By Sartoro

Quoting the original editorial by Luxury Editor Smitha Sadanandan “The ultimate sparkle, we believe, comes from the wearer herself”  Nature is a strong source of inspiration for the Sartoro brand, which is apparent in all of the diamond-studded foliage and prowling animals. The more couture pieces from the Fauna collection — Falcon, Lion and Snow Leopard — do not pander to vanity. “They appeal to those who are…


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