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Maison Artinian Timeless Solitaires

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Longtime friendships are like jewels they say, they’re refined over time, matured through shared experiences, becoming more beautiful, enduring and everlasting.

Maison Artinian Solitaire Engagement Ring Kelly and Nine Thailand

Arto and Saro Artinian had a pleasant occasion to host their close family friends, celebrity couple K. Kelly and K. Nine to review solitaire choices and alliance wedding bands for their; tying-the-not ceremony.

Maison Artinian Solitaire Engagement Ring Kelly and Nine Thailand

Artinian recommended a meaningful, versatile and personalized selection of its finest jewelry collection which fitted the style of the visiting couple and perfectly complimented K. Nine’s feminine characteristics. The #NineKellySayIDo couple carefully considered the showcased items as well as tried-on the private collection of carat sized #DiamondChoices, tailoring the solitaire and alliance band to their virtuous vow and happy and lasting new family bond.

Maison Artinian Solitaire Engagement Ring Kelly and Nine Thailand

On this occasion, Maison Artinian recommended the Sera Collection as a matching jewelry set, as diamonds symbolize lasting love and their adorable brilliance blesses the occasion and the wedding theme.

The preferences matched in classics with a focus on brilliance, perfect diamond cut, high-grade clarity, and white purity of diamonds, charming K. Nine’s complexion and her refined fashion sense and warm personality.

Maison Artinian 

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