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Maison Artinian


Irma The Peacock’s Unique Muse

May 11, 2019
Maison Artinian Peacock Set

The sweet charm and color spectrum of Irma The Peacock is our feature for this sunny and lively May season. In case you are wondering, Yes! we called this high jewelry set: Irma The Peacock. Similarly, Emerald being the birthstone of May we wanted to highlight a high jewelry set which features beautiful Emerald beads made into a gorgeous necklace for this one-of-a-kind high jewelry set. Consisting of…


An April Bloom for the La Bohème Collection

April 2, 2019
Maison Artinian La Boheme Collection

Maison Artinian is dressed in the gorgeous; Velutina & Juncea moods of the adorable Tillandsia plant and the just landed – just launched La Bohème Collection of the boutique has started singing, dancing and… playing the piano again. Refreshing, soothing and energizing, the new décor is a match for celebrating the enduring friendship which gave rise to the La Bohème Collection, and the unique and dazzling bohemian creations have…


The Launch of a Bohemian Jewelry Collection

March 25, 2019
Maison Artinian La Boheme

Maison Artinian launched a bohemian lifestyle inspired fine jewelry collection called La Bohème, conceived in collaboration with artist Elizabeth Romhild. “We wanted to create a collaborative jewelry line which reflected the span and depth of our friendship, and our common connection, our shared heritage” said Arto Artinian, the founder of Maison Artinian, adding “…the discovery journey was built on our shared cultural interest in arts and music, of…


You Gotta Love The Confidence!

March 7, 2019
Sartoro 2019 Summer Collection

Mind you, at Maison Artinian, we believe confidence also exists outside the earth’s atmosphere too. So much for astronomy. The buoyant brand Sartoro is delighted to be launching a few statement collections this month. Here’s the first set of wonder-pieces which we featured in our cover too. The magnificent ARIANA Collection is fusing diamond pave lines with oval, pear and emerald cuts like music notes on a score.…


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