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“Proud as a Peacock” – Article By SOLITAIRE Magazine

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Featured Editorial by – SOLITAIRE Magazine

Artinian brothers add another feather in their cap with graceful, fine jewellery collection.

For jeweller brothers Arto and Saro Artinian, being open to new trends and ideas while remaining true to their roots and tradition has helped them find their niche in the industry. The Armenian siblings head the bespoke jewellery atelier Artinian and its sister brand, Sartoro. With the help of highly skilled artisans, the brothers create handcrafted, contemporary and classic pieces that appeal to their global clientele. “Jewellery is interesting in that it is still made by hand,” he says. “While 3-D printing might have made the jewellery industry more technologically advanced, and even though we might use high-end technology for high-volume production when the client wants a specific look, the human touch is still very important.” This people-oriented philosophy has seen the six-decade-old Artinian family tradition of jewellery-making grow from strength to strength.
Saro and Arto first gained experience working in the family business before opening their first company, Artinian, in 1997, followed by Sartoro in 2001. The two brands have since made a name for themselves as sophisticated and innovative jewellers, whose designs respond to the tastes of high society and royalty as well as hip millennials. Today, Sartoro boasts a presence in the Gulf, the Middle East, North America, and Asia.

Sartoro jewellery is characterised by an alluring fluidity of design and intricate yet wonderfully coherent gem arrangements

While Artinian produces couture and bespoke jewellery, the Sartoro brand — which derives its name from ‘Arto’ and ‘Saro’ — leans towards more easy-going, contemporary designs with superb workmanship. Arto, who is President and CEO, credits the appeal of his brand among the younger women to his ability to “imagine and fit into the evolving tastes of the present day”. Meanwhile Saro, the Gemmologist, COO, and Design & Development Director of the company, speaks of having “open thoughts and design aspirations” as the impetus for success.

Growing up surrounded by exquisite gemstones and an artistic atmosphere, the Artinian brothers bring an uncompromising attitude to jewellery creations. When it comes to diamonds, they focus on the finest white stones of rarest purity.

The collection epitomises the sheer elegance of wilderness and the ensuing complexity of feminine attraction and sophistication

Sartoro jewellery is characterised by an alluring fluidity of design, and intricate yet wonderfully coherent gem arrangements that owe their almost calligraphic quality to the skills of Thai metalworkers and gem-setters. These pieces are perfect accompaniments to a chic, urban way of life — the brand’s motto being “Sartoro Adorns Feminine Intuition”.

Among the Sartoro atelier’s iconic offerings is the Limited Edition Peacock Collection, launched in 2017. According to the brothers, “inspired by the form of the peacock feather, the collection epitomises the sheer elegance of wilderness and the ensuing complexity of feminine attraction and sophistication.” The collection features long sautoir necklaces, earrings, rings, and a bangle adorned with diamonds in different cuts and a palette of amazing coloured gems.

Particularly stunning is a set of matching Akoya pearl earrings and necklace with round and marquise diamonds enlivened by feathers and filaments of blue sapphire, tanzanite, and turquoise. Another remarkable creation is an emerald-beaded sautoir necklace cradling at its centre a peacock whose sinuous neck, body and tail are studded with diamonds and blue sapphires.

The artisans at Sartoro have seemingly plumbed the kinetic potential of the peacock feather in a diamond necklace pendant. The plumage, each dotted with a diamond ‘eye’, whirls towards a centre-like a vortex, creating an exciting sense of movement.

Also classical yet hinting at a contemporary vibe are the Peacock bangle, rings, and earrings, whose artful combination of diamonds in various cuts lends an animated energy to the fluid pieces. The collection as a whole is an ode to femininity stemming from the study and understanding of the female aesthetic of today. As Saro puts it, “We want our pieces to be contemporary with a refined edge”.

As a design equation, it sparkles with promise, leading to Sartoro’s announcement to launch additional pieces to the Peacock collection next year.

Article published by DAVID YIP on October 24, 2018 on SOLITAIRE Magazine – http://www.solitairemagazine.com/ – Maison Artinian’s “Darling Magazine“.
Published by permission of SOLITAIRE Magazine.